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PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 Reball Service (all models)


When BGA chip ages or exceeds thermal cycles it can cause problems with graphics display. These faults are caused by the fact that all manufactures have to use Unleaded solder during manufacturing of the boards. This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry due to the fact that unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder. The only problem is that over time, Unleaded solder goes brittle and cracks. Our Workshop is equipped with the latest state of the art Computer Controlled Dark Infrared BGA reflow stations to safely and professionally carry out this process.

We carry out any type of Surface Mount Rework and SMT Rework on both Lead and Lead Free Based Circuit boards. Our services also include BGA Rework and Reballing for laptops, desktops and games consoles. Our rework services will save you the problem of buying a new one or replacing the circuit board.

Peace of Mind 

  1. Your repair will be collected and posted free of charge. 
  2. You will not be charged a penny if the item can not be fixed. 
  3. Professional fitting service. 
  4. Fast turn around.  
  5. Warranty provided.