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Terms and Conditions

By using the site, the customer agrees to all of the following terms and conditions 

of the sale.


1.0 Most of our repairs come with 30 day  warranty and re-ball repairs will come with a 60 day warranty. 

1.1 Mobile Phone Screens , Software Installation / Updates, Virus & Malware removals 
service doesn't carry any warranty on the repair video evidence can be provided to make 
sure the device is working 100% before payment is received.

1.2 Warranty starts on the day that the repair is completed After this date we accepts 
no liability for the repair.

1.3 If your item has the same faulty within the warranty period the unit will have to be 
returned at the  users expense and fixed at no additional charge. 

1.4 If the item  is beyond economical repair within the warranty time frame, clients will 
receive a refund less handling fee off minimum £10 or 25% off the initial repair cost.

1.5 Re-ball and Re-flow service gone faulty within the warranty period. we will offer one 
time fix only due to the nature of the PCB boards used. Warranty continues from 
original repair date. 

1.6 Accidental damage, Misuse damage  or our  warranty stickers are tampered with 
warranty will become void  and additional cost may be incurred.

1.7 Warranty only covers the same fault that was repaired If the symptoms are found 
to be caused by a different fault, additional charges will be incurred.


2.0 Multiple repairs  on the same device, and one fault re-occurs that cannot be
repaired only the cost of that fault will be refunded not all.

2.1 On investigation  additional faults are found  that have not been reported, 
and not wishing  to have them repaired a handling fee of £10 will be charged.

2.2 In some cases while we are diagnosing the fault symptoms may worsen. 
If this happens, and the item cannot be repaired or the customer decides they 
do not want the console repaired, we accepts no responsibility for this eventuality 
and handling fee off £10 could be charged.

2.3 We accept no liability for damages to consoles or loss of consoles that happen 
because of circumstances outside of our control. This includes break-ins, natural 
disasters and fires.

Unclaimed Items 

3.0 If the item is not paid or collected within the 60 days from the date of repair, we 
are authorized to dispose of your console or use it as we see fit. This includes items 
which have been deemed beyond repair or that have been returned under guarantee 
but have faults that are not covered.


4.0 Delivery is free on most services, if there is any delivery charges you will be made aware prior to the item being collected.

4.1 If an item is booked under a certain fault, but when received the fault is completely different and cannot be repaired due to the fault not being mentioned consumer will be liable for the collection and delivery charges.

4.2 Returning your item(s) under warranty will have be paid by consumer. After the item(s) is fixed it will be posted back free of charge.

4.3 Receiving your item under warranty but our warranty sticker has been tampered with or its not the same fault whats causing the device not to function properly will result in consumer paying for the collection and delivery charges


5.0 information on this website is provided for free and  do not warrant the accuracy of the content of this website.

5.1 We will not be liable for any loss of profit, data, income, revenue. Death, fraud or personal injury caused by using our service on the website directly or indirectly.

5.2 We can change our terms and conditions time to time please ensure you keep up to date when using our services.